DIVORCE - "Where do I start?"

Mediation can make all the difference! Closure and healing come so much faster
and you save a ton of money and stress. 

Request your discrete, private consultation with our divorce mediators
and learn your options. We've been helping couples since 2009.

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Divorce is confusing! We help you understand the process.

  • What are the pros & cons of divorce mediation?
  • What is the right solution for you and your partner?
  • What is the process for getting a separation?
  • How can you save time, money and stress? 

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We are not expensive lawyers, we are family divorce mediators.

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"Well, I heard from my lawyer late yesterday and he said and I quote, 'Your mediators did an excellent job and they handled every aspect of the separation beautifully'.  So, thank you for saving us money and stress!" 
- H.M.

45 Minutes

Unlike divorce lawyers who charge up to $500 for an initial consultation, our small, boutique firm gives you the first hour for $150. This consultation is considered a crucial first step toward a successful divorce mediation. 

What to Expect

A consultation gives you:
1. Powerful knowledge
2. Confidence/control
3. Creative options
4. A Plan of Action
5. Hope for future

Who We Are

Formerly Fairway Divorce, we have served the Okanagan since 2009. We have become the preeminent choice for discrete and timely divorce solutions, from Separation Plans to Children Plans.

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“Our consultations are not meant to provide legal advice. They are offered to our prospective clients who are deciding on whether our services will be needed for their situation. If you are seeking legal advice, may we suggest you contact a trusted, reputable lawyer. Keep in mind that if a couple uses a lawyer as a mediator, that lawyer can NOT give legal advice since a lawyer can represent only one person.”