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Living Together or Living Apart

Common-Law Relationships, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce 
Explains the basics of family law in BC. Includes information about living common-law or being married, the process for separation and divorce, how to work out custody, spousal support, child support, and access issues if there are children involved, and how to sort out money matters.

How To Order a Marriage Certificate

A party to a marriage, or a person with written authorization by the couple, can order a marriage certificate. You can make application for a marriage certificate:

Please note that the Vital Statistics Agency has implemented centralized printing of all certificates out of the Victoria office. All certificates will be mailed or couriered to clients direct from Victoria.

For divorce purposes, you only need the $27 marriage certificate.

 “Because Life Goes On… Helping Children and Youth Live with Separation and Divorce” 

This is a Health Canada publication intended to reach out to Canadian families in need of information and resources to help their children to live through the process of separation and divorce.

Parental Alienation

A website for the Kelowna and Okanagan area which provides knowledge and understanding needed to deal with the consequences of parental alienation that often comes with divorce, custody/access issues, and the resulting parental struggles.

Pooka Monkers Notices: A Child’s Hopeful Journey Through Family Separation

This profound yet whimsical story written in rhyming couplets cultivates compassion for any child navigating through the loss of the family they once knew. With brilliant paintings, empowering parenting messages, and an author’s reading CD, this book will start a deeper conversation with your child and support the healing process. Join Pooka as she processes the dissolve of her nuclear family and discovers that being happy is still possible.
(Recommended for children ages 6-9 yrs.)
Story by Shannon Strumecki, Art by Kelly Sutherland.
ISBN 978-0-9868047-0-0. For more information, CLICK HERE.

This is a gov’t of British Columbia website that is dedicated to helping families through separation and divorce and which combines animation, text, audio and video to help children, teens and parents better cope.

Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines

An explanation of what the guidelines are.


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