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Francesco Aquilini

Aquilini risks losing thousands just in lawyers’ fees and court costs alone.

Francesco Aquilini, owner of the British Columbia Vancouver Canucks and successful entrepreneurial billionaire and his wife, Taliah, are squaring off for what may be Canada’s most expensive divorce of the decade. Both have “lawyered” up and they’re getting ready for a possible 6-week divorce trial!

Seeking justice in Canada is expensive. The Toronto Star reports that, “A 3-day trial will likely cost you $60,000.” So, one can only imagine what a 6-week trial could cost! The Star goes on to quote Toronto civil litigation lawyer, Ron Slaght, who says, “Soon, it may not be worth taking a case to court unless more than $100,000 is at stake.”

A 3-day trial will likely cost you $60,000.”

But – WHY? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Divorce laws in Canada are quite clear that assets and debts are split equitably and fairly, and there are guidelines for child and spousal support. So why fight and pay divorce lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars when a couple could settle it themselves, or use the help of a mediator to resolve their differences in a more peaceful manner?

Mediation ensures that couples’ issues are protected from media and public scrutiny, yet Mr. Aquilini paid handsomely for his divorce lawyers to convince the judge to protect their privacy during the proceedings. The Vancouver Sun reported on September 4th that, “In August, a Supreme Court judge issued a rare order sealing the couple’s divorce file, as well as ruling that certain issues would not be heard when the case comes to court.”

Regarding the actual, alleged reasons for marital break down, we may never know because the Globe and Mail reported on September 4, 2013 that, “…Judge Smith has already ruled Francesco Aquilini will not be forced to testify about any alleged adultery.”

Taliah and Francesco Aquilini

Taliah and Francesco Aquilini in happier times.

So…what’s left to fight about? I’m sure the lawyers on both sides will figure that part out. And when the war is over, any amicable feelings remaining today will be reduced to ashes. Despite this high profile case, remember that divorce doesn’t have to be an angry, expensive experience.


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