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Moving Forward After Divorce

life after divorce

“LifeClubs are a practical, structured, affordable, fun and interactive way to learn more about yourself and grow.”

A guest blog article by: Lori Field, Certified LifeClubs Coach

As you go through the separation and divorce process, you might want to ask yourself some critical questions to understand where you are in the process of rebuilding, questions such as:

  • Have I lost confidence, i.e. not sure of myself, second-guessing decisions, feeling disconnected as a single person?
  • Am I overwhelmed and feeling incapable of moving forward?
  • Do I desire clarity, purpose and deeper connection?

Going through separation and divorce is one of the most life altering transitions you will go through.  Not only does it change your day to day existence, but it also changes who you are and how you interact in the world.  If you’ve been in a long term marriage you might find it hard to remember who you were as a ‘single’ person, your personal identity may feel shattered or lost.

Having been through this transition myself I’ve experienced, first hand, how empowering it is to learn who you are outside your marriage, find your confidence and learn to love yourself as a single person.  If you are forced to redesign your life, why not do it in a positive way?  LifeClubs is a rebuilding series that was built with you in mind, and it will help you make conscious choices while you move forward. This life-changing series can have a lasting, positive impact on your new life. 

LifeClubs is an International organization that is new to Kelowna.  It offers a series of practical, self -improvement workshops to help you gain a clearer way of thinking about yourself and your life.  This series of workshops is specifically designed for people experiencing transition and they run once per week in a 90 minute workshop format which are held over a series of 4 weeks. They are run on an ongoing basis and a major goal is to connect you to people who may well become your support system, and friends, as you move forward. 

One of the greatest outcomes that results from going through a separation/divorce is the opportunity to get to know yourself again and there is potential for huge personal growth.  I’ve experienced it personally, as well as watched others, both male and female, as they’ve learned to thrive on their own. This is a wonderful gift to give to yourself. 

At this most difficult time in your life, I can help if you allow me to teach you how to move forward  and back to a life with purpose. I know from experience that the hopeless and helpless feelings will go away with time. I am here to help that time go faster. I encourage you to take care of yourself and refuse to be a victim in this process, but one who is taking control of his/her future.

My clients are my greatest supporters because I have been able to make a difference in their lives. I invite you to discover the benefits for yourself. Simply click HERE, for more information.

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