Divorce Lawyers in Kelowna BC.

Find the Best Divorce Lawyers in Kelowna BC Who Believe in Mediation

Divorce law information is critical when going through the process. In the past nine years of operation, our boutique divorce mediation firm has found from our clients that not all Kelowna divorce lawyers practise an amicable approach to separation and divorce. One reason may be that the dollar value per amicable couple drops dramatically.

Kelowna Divorce Lawyers is a list of those that we feel practise a less adversarial style and who fully support peaceful divorce mediation. (That doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest do not.)

Divorce lawyers in Kelowna BC

This list is constantly being updated and it represents our own personal choices. There are probably many others in Kelowna who fully support a cost-effective, amicable divorce and who will not “stir the pot.” We can not, and do not, endorse any one lawyer and we encourage you to do your own, more extensive research. Consumer Reports has produced an excellent article titled, ” When You Need to Lawyer Up,” and it gives you tips on finding the right family lawyer for your unique circumstances. As well, you can look up lawyer reviews at this website:

“According to the results of Canadian Lawyer’s 2015 Legal Fees Survey, the national average estimated cost of a two-day trial crossed the $30,000 threshold for the first time, leaping 43 per cent to $31,330 this year from $21,953 in 2014.” See full article HERE.

Kelowna, BC Divorce Lawyers

Bev Churchill

210-237 Leon Avenue
Kelowna, BC
Bev (at)

Heidi Taylor

400-275 Lawrence Avenue
Kelowna, BC


William (Bill) Clarke

862 Bernard Ave.
Kelowna, BC
wclarke (at)

Dawn M. Kuehn

101-347 Leon Ave.
Kelowna, BC

PricingKelowna Divorce Lawyer fees

Canadian Lawyer Magazine reports that the average billable hourly rate for lawyers in 2015 was around $360/hour. You can see the 2015 Report by clicking HERE. It should be noted that a lawyer acting as a mediator for a couple of divorcing clients can not give legal advice to either person since a lawyer can only represent one person.

And More…

Jeffrey Peterson

1630 Pandosy Street
Kelowna, BC

Geoffrey W. White

434 Glenwood Ave.
Kelowna, BC

Brian G. Anslow

Glazier Polley
Suite 2nd Floor-1674 Bertram St
Kelowna, BC
info (at)

Keith Sabey

201-401 Glenmore Road
Kelowna, BC
keith.sabey (at)

Lori L. Kennedy

Suite 200-1460 Pandosy Street
Kelowna, BC
lori (at)

Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services Pricing

In contrast to the high legal fees charged by divorce lawyers, Kelowna Divorce fees are $220/hour, and we do not charge each person a large retainer fee.

Need Financing? piggy bank

All of our services can be financed. We take the financial hardship out of divorce by giving you a payment plan that you can afford! Ask us about our financing plan tailored to your pocket book.

divorce mediation kelownaAbout Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services

We are not expensive lawyers; we are family divorce mediators.  Our boutique divorce mediation firm has become Kelownas’ first choice when dealing with separation and divorce. It is possible to reduce stress, time and conflict. Our mediation model educates and empowers our clients, so that when you leave you have a document that will stand the test of time, and the divorce papers that bring closure.

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