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(Formerly Fairway Divorce Solutions)


Here’s a menu of the services we’ve been providing Okanagan couples for the past 7 years. Call if you have any questions. 250.707.0928

The Kelowna Divorce Team


1. Divorce Mediation

This is our core business. It’s cost-effective, less stressful and cuts the time in half! More Info

2. Separation Plans

We prepare separation plans that stand the test of time for separating/divorcing couples. More Info

3. Uncontested Divorce Papers

We help couples with the mountains of paper work for an uncontested divorce. Divorce Papers

4. Common Law Separation

Protect yourself as you move forward. BC residents living together outside of marriage often don’t know their rights. More Info

5. Distance Mediation

We call it “Family Mediation in the Clouds.” You can be anywhere in the world and still settle your BC family issues.  More Info

6. Parenting Plans

We also specialize in helping couples negotiate and draft parenting plans for their children. More Info


how to divorce in bcAbout Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services

We are not expensive lawyers; we are family divorce mediators.  Our boutique divorce mediation firm has become Kelowna’s first choice when dealing with separation and divorce. It is possible to reduce stress, time and conflict.

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