Childrens’ Plans.

Children’s Plans and Parenting Responsibilities 

Rather than litigating, the BC Justice Department encourages families to use mediation to resolve their issues, including how to resolve parenting issues.

Divorce or stay for the kids

A critical part of divorce is ensuring that the health and well being of children are made a priority. A children’s plan that contains workable agreements saves parents a lot of money, time, and stress and it is better for your children. Children are harmed more by ongoing arguments between parents and by the anxiety they feel when their parents can’t co-operate about things that affect their daily lives than they are harmed by the act of separation itself. When children know that a plan is in place, they will be able to manage the stresses and fears of the separation much better. A trained mediator can reduce the stress and tension between the divorcing couple as they come to agreement on the issues.

The B.C. Family Law Act

The new Family Law Act places children’s safety and best interests first when their parents are going through separation and divorce. The law defines an “agreement” as a written contract made between former spouses after they separate. It includes a section outlining the basics of what can be included in a parenting agreement.

divorce mediation kelownaWhat is a children’s plan?

A children’s plan is a document created by both parents that stipulates who is responsible for which parts of childcare and rearing. The plan details when the child will be with each parent and how parenting decisions will be made. While individual parenting plans will be as unique as the families who use them, all plans require similar basic elements to make them effective.

Parenting Plans

“Build a plan that puts your child first.”

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