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“I know that without the mediation and counseling skills of Wes and Kristy, we would still be in the same situation – angry and too broke to get a divorce using lawyers. Wes and Kristy were able to let my ex-wife and I vent our frustrations and help us to see that there was hope and that life could still be great at the end of this process. They took extensive time with us and showed real care and concern for both of us.” ~ A.B.

I would like to state unequivocally that the process was the true answer for an intelligent, effective, sensible, and compassionate separation. It makes good sense for all, and it is proven by its cost effectiveness, saving enormous emotional and cost expenditures.” ~ D.B.

“We enjoyed meeting with Wes as much as any meeting with us together can be enjoyed right now. He has a great way with people, such a calm mannerism, and please thank him for us. We have agreed that his way may be the best, easy to get informed way to get us (me mostly) through this process.”

Stories from our clients

Pamela’s Story

Christine’s Story

“Going through a divorce after 32 years of marriage was a very emotional roller coaster ride. Unsure of where to go or who to talk to, I heard the advertisement on the radio.

My soon-to-be ex-husband had been my best friend for most of my life. If we were going to divorce I wanted it to be fair for both of us. So, I called Wes & Kristy and they were understanding and very professional. Wes balances his professionalism with genuine caring for his clients and he has a way of relaxing the entire room.

I would recommend Kelowna Divorce to anyone that has to travel down that rugged road.” ~ Christine S.

Dwight’s Story

“I had moved to Mexico with my work in 2006 and now had time to think what was happening in my life and I went through much pain trying to figure out why I was experiencing all these feelings of anxiety and loneliness. I was brought up to believe in a God that was loving, but at the same time extremely jealous and judgmental. Anyways this would take a long time to explain but in short I believe now that something and I don’t know if it was God or something else that has influence in our lives was saying Dwight it is time to wake up and here is another chance.

In the end I had changed and as in a lot of marriages you grow apart and need a change, I hope that doesn’t sound too cold but it is reality. One person wants to go in one direction and the other in another; neither is necessarily wrong but find their lives growing apart. That is where I was.

Once I came to this decision, I thought, as I’m sure and now know many others do that you need to find a lawyer to help you through this complicated system of ours called the divorce. I thought that I could have a lawyer that could make sense of this and make it easier for both of us…man was I wrong! My lawyer sounded like she was concerned and had my best interest at heart but after a year and half and about $35,000.00 dollars later we were no farther ahead to a divorce then when we started. After this time I think my ex and I were more mad at each other then when we started at least I know I sure was!!! The more mad I got the more confused I was and the more I felt I needed to talk to my lawyer and each time I called it was charged. Every phone call, every e-mail and every fax was charged no matter what……..with no results.

This divorce for sure was very complicated because I was living in Mexico and my ex was living in Canada and to complicate matters there were very strong religious convictions and family members interfering with the process.

It was just over a year ago that my ex-wife had seen an advertisement regarding a mediation system that she was willing to try. I had some doubts but I said if you’re willing, so am I as we aren’t getting anywhere with lawyers. So we had our very first meeting together with Wes Stevenson in November of 2009. We had hopes that it would be done by May of 2010 but as there were many difficult issues it took until November of 2010, to finally have the papers served to me and now the divorce will be finalized in January of 2011.

It has taken over 4 years to complete but I know without the mediation and counseling skills of Wes and Kristy Stevenson, I would still be in the same situation as I was before. They were able to let my ex-wife and I vent our frustrations and anger and help us to see that there was hope and that life could still be great at the end of this process. They took extensive time with us and showed real care and concern for both of us. It was like a breath of fresh air to know that I could call and talk and know that I wasn’t being charged by the hour. The flat fee that was charged was worth every penny and nothing compared to the money that I spent on a lawyer with no results!!! We were told up front exactly what the costs would be and there were no unpleasant surprises as there are with lawyers!!!

Their system has a dignity and professionalism that makes you feel like a real person, not just another “victim” in our judicial system of divorce. I really felt that Wes and Kristy were looking to find a positive “win win” for both myself and my ex and not trying to take sides but always looking for the best way to resolve each individual issue and there were a lot!!

You went far and above what I ever thought you would do for us and are still in contact with us to make sure everything is ok. In the end all I can say is a huge and heart felt THANK-YOU!!!!!!” ~ Dwight D.

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