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Wes Stevenson, Senior Family Mediator
Family Law Mediation – Advanced, BA, MPA

Wes Stevenson, Divorce MediatorWes has become known as the #1 Family Mediator in the Okanagan. He has taken all levels of the Family Law Mediation courses, including advanced training, offered by BC Continuing Legal Education (CLE,) and the mandatory Family Violence Screening training. He is an ardent reader and follower of Dr. Bruce Fisher, author, teacher and family therapist. Dr. Fisher wrote the book titled, “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends,” which has sold over 1,000,000 copies.  Wes wishes everyone of his clients finds happiness and balance at the end of the divorce process.

Wes has spent his life in roles as counselor, coach and administrator. He empowers his clients by encouraging them to take full control of their futures. Wes has gone through his own painful divorce and today he is happily married and the father of four children in a blended family. Needless to say, he has a passion for helping clients through a very difficult period of their lives.

Kristy Bieker, Client Manager BSc, MSC

After 10 years of mediating hundreds of couples’ successful agreements, Kristy has become one of the best divorce mediators in the Okanagan valley. Kristy went through her own costly divorce and knows the difficulties that women face when rebuilding their lives. She found that the Dr. Fisher workshop not only helped her clients, but it’s also helped her deal with long-standing, personal issues. She has been a facilitator and administrator for the majority of her career and she finds great reward in watching her clients find their self-confidence and peace after divorce.

Kristy is a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits and she’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mediation in BC Canada and parenting plans. She has taken “Family Law for Professionals other than lawyers,” the mandatory Family Violence Screening training,  the “Parenting After Separation” course, and understands the impact of the new BC Family Law Act. She operates the child support payment calculator and she can also calculate spousal support payments using Divorcemate.

Being a mother of two sons and two step-daughters, Kristy understands the emotional pain and financial hardship that her clients are going through. She earned her degrees in the science area and has spent many years working in both the public and private sectors.


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