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Family Mediation Center

With over 500 families served since 2009, we are one of the first divorce mediation centers in Kelowna, acclaimed for experience and expertise.

you re not alone

Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services, your Family Mediation Center, helps you cooperatively resolve divorce, family, child, and business issues and achieve better agreements at less than half of what lawyers charge. Mediation works for families in transition to reduce the stress, cost and animosity that can arise during separation and divorce.

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From Separation Plans, Parenting Plans, and Calculating Support, we can help from Start to Finish! As well, for a menu of services, please click HERE.

Mediation is truly the better solution for children, businesses, and the entire family. We are neutral professionals who can get you a Win-Win settlement FAST which means in 2-4 months as opposed to using lawyers who will take one to three YEARS! Since 2009 we have been helping Okanagan families reach fair and equitable agreements at a fraction of the cost that two lawyers would charge.


On the Doorstep of Divorce?
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divorce mediation kelownaAbout Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services

We are not expensive lawyers; we are family divorce mediators and rebuilding coaches.  Our boutique divorce mediation firm has become Kelowna’s first choice when dealing with separation and divorce. It is possible to reduce stress, time and conflict.

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