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“From the number of calls we are fielding about how to divorce in BC, we expect a major surge in the wake of the virus,” says Wes Stevenson, Divorce Mediator

The months of confinement will have a detrimental effect on already strained relationships and Canada will see a spike in the number of divorce filings once the Covid-19 virus pandemic is tamed. That is sad and disturbing because these couples are living this eventual reality NOW! Unfortunately being confined like this can also lead to family violence.

Most courts are offering only limited services and when they are fully open again, divorce lawyers and divorce mediators are expecting an overwhelming number of individuals filing for divorce. In West Kelowna, family divorce mediators Wes and Kristy Stevenson expects a “deluge” of Okanagan divorce cases.

Wes and Kristy say they are hearing about and reading about the burden the Covid-19 Virus is placing on family units. “Since we’ve been in business for ten years and our name is well respected, people are finding us and asking a lot of questions about the process and cost of divorce in British Collumbia.”

A major contributing factor to the break down in relationships is the financial stress being felt during this unusual time in Canadian history. One, or both, may have lost their job and savings are being exhausted.


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