Divorce Mediation Toolkit.

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3 Critical E-books to Add to Your Divorce Toolkit

When speaking to your spouse about divorce mediation remember to:

1. Set ground rules and limits for discussion, and

2. Be ready to respond to your spouse’s questions.

8 Steps _ CoverHelp #1 – 8 Steps to Separation & Divorce (Before you call a lawyer) These steps will save you time, money & stress!

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Is DivorceMediation Right _ CoverHelp #2 – Is Divorce Mediation Right for You? It’s not for everyone. This quick read will give you a pretty good idea if it is a fit for you.

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lets talk divorceHelp #3 – Talking to Your Spouse About Divorce Mediation. It’s takes two to mediate. So what if you’re willing but your spouse is unsure. Here’s some help in getting him/her on board.

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 About Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services

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We are not expensive lawyers; we are family divorce mediators.  Our boutique divorce mediation firm has become Kelownas’ first choice when dealing with separation and divorce. It is possible to reduce stress, time and conflict. Our mediation model educates and empowers our clients, so that when you leave you have a document that will stand the test of time.

Call (250) 707-0928 for more information and/or to get a consultation that will save you time, stress and money. It could be the best $150 that you’ll ever spend.