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Are you really ready to file for divorce?

Too often individuals don’t fully think through the steps for separation and divorce. Out of desperation, ignorance and fear, they move forward without any plan. This article is written for you who are contemplating, or just in the beginning stages of divorce.

are you really ready for divorce

“How do I file for divorce?” Being a divorce mediator, I am often asked that question and my response is always the same, “Where in the process of separation and divorce are you?” And, “Are you really ready to file?” Based on our experience, we have written a short, simple and important ebook that could literally save your life, and if not your life, at least your pocket Free Ebook_ 8 Critical Stepsbook. It’s called “8 Steps to Separation & Divorce .” If you feel or see the signs that divorce may be heading your way, this is a must-read! It will help you prepare for the rocky and rough rollercoaster ride in the future. It can also help you save considerable amounts of time, money and stress. It’s important to remember that if you need a lawyer in the future, everything you do now will save you thousands of dollars in legal bills. You can call it looking out for # 1. So don’t feel guilty about preparing for the worst because there is nothing ethically nor legally wrong with collecting family documents, getting your own bank accounts and VISA cards, etc. Separation and divorce in British Columbia will change the way you live and this book steps you through the most important parts requiring preparation. Stuff like:

  1. how to figure out spousal support and child support calculations,
  2. how to budget for now and the future,
  3. what to include in your checklist of tasks,
  4. important family documents to take with you should you leave,
  5. what kind of professionals are available to help you,
  6. how to deal with the emotions of your children,
  7. how to take care of yourself during the transition.

and other useful tips. Organizing your thoughts and putting together a “divorce strategy” will go a long way in empowering you to take control of the outcome. Knowledge is power at this stage of your journey and making decisions as you move forward from a position of knowledge, rather than fear, ensures long-term success for you and your family.

Again, if you want to read the e-book, just click here: 8 Steps to Divorce.


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