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Amicable Divorce

 Is it really possible?

An increasing number of couples want to end their relationships without fighting. They realize that by fighting they will increase their costs, hurt their children, and see what should be a simple and straight forward process, drag out for months, or even years. Some have even figured out that separation and divorce can take your health if it is approached in an adversarial manner.

amicable divorce in bc

Divorce does not have to be World War III

The key to an amicable divorce is accepting the circumstances you find yourself in, and making a conscious choice to take the high road through it. Whether you are the one leaving, or the one being left behind, it matters not at this point. The fact is, it’s over, and once you’ve accepted this reality, the haze begins to lift and you can see more clearly.

Use Kelowna Divorce Lawyers?

Divorce lawyers in Kelowna BCThis can be a good time to consider enlisting help to ensure that any communication remaining stays positive and productive, and you both move forward with a win-win objective. Divorce lawyers are taught the traditional, adversarial method, and some even stir the pot. You pay good money for their representation and their goal is to win for you. That makes the other spouse the loser, and therein, the fight begins.

BC Family Mediators, on the other hand, are neutral, third-parties who possess good listening skills and peaceful mediation techniques.  They can cut to the heart of the matter and their experience can provide creative options that you might not have thought of.  Divorce mediators can help those couples who:

  1. share the desire to be fair with each other, and to stay out of court,
  2. who agree to disclose all relevant financial documents,
  3. who don’t want to use high-priced divorce lawyers,
  4. who are married or common-law,
  5. who both desire an uncontested divorce (if you’re married,)
  6. who wish to resolve their issues in a less adversarial way,
  7. who wish to divorce with dignity and in a more peaceful manner, and
  8. who wish to protect the children.

When choosing a divorce mediator, divorce lawyer, or other professional to help you with your divorce, make sure you choose someone who is experienced in conflict management, and who you have confidence in. A skilled professional can help you find the least contentious choices moving forward, and ensure you get your fair share.

Divorce can be a heartbreaking time, but it can also be a time for rebuilding. The key to an amicable divorce is being able to look into the future and to see yourself in the next chapter of your life…healthy and prosperous.


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