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Divorce and the Ashley Madison Fall Out – Updated September 2015

Divorce and Ashley Madison

The website encourages married men and women to use their site to find an affair. However, the recent hacking of the website and the public posting of their clients’ names on the dark web has become everyone’s worst nightmare!

While multiple lawsuits are in their beginning stages against the Ashley Madison owners and their CEO has stepped down, the fall out of disclosed names across Canada grows. Disclosure of the names has been devastating to thousands of individuals and families. Even here in Kelowna, BC, we find some of our neighbors on that list. However, the devastation  is especially true for many Calgary families where the majority of Ashley Madison’s Canadian clients come from.

Although Karen Stewart of Fairway Divorce Solutions (Calgary) who coined the phrases, “Divorce the Fairway,” and “A Clear Road to a New Life,” has seen 90% of her franchisees close up shop, she is still recognized as an expert in the area of divorce.  Karen Stewart talks about Ashley Madison by saying, “Oftentimes where you find higher economies where there’s a lot of disposable income—you have a higher incidence of divorce, and often those are triggered by affairs.”

Here’s a quick synopsis from some of the data collected to date:

  • 5.55 million accounts are marked female (about 15 per cent of all profiles). Other sources have slightly different numbers. Dadaviz shows five million female accounts, 14 per cent of the total.
  • 12,000 profiles seem to be about women who are active on the site. Most of female profiles appear to have been abandoned very soon after they were created.
  • Over 9,000 accounts with female profiles had email address, while just 1,000 had male profiles or no gender specified.
  • 68,709 female profiles had an IP address that suggests they were created on one of Ashley Madison’s own computers, compared to12,069 male or no-gender-specified accounts.
  • 1,492 women had checked the messages in their Ashley Madison accounts. Two-thirds of the men had done so (20.3 million).
  • 2,409 women had engaged in chat on Ashley Madison, compared to 11 million men, or about one-third of the men.
  • 9,700 women replied to a message from an Ashley Madison member, while nearly six million men had done so.

Members had to pay to have their accounts deleted, although it appears from the data dump that the data was retained.

  • 12,108 women’s accounts are listed as paid-delete, compared to173,838 men’s accounts.

Kelowna Divorce encourages couples to reconcile whenever possible. We also believe that those couples who wish to work things out require considerable time and effort for both sides to rebuild trust. Every effort should be made to try to reconcile but if that is not possible, then save time, money and stress by using a competent mediator.

Kelowna Divorce asks the public to view the leaked documents with a grain of salt. Kristy Bieker of Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services says, “How many of these ‘members’ were actual members of the site? Are these accurate names and email addresses, or was someone using other peoples’ identity? We advise caution in passing judgement on these individuals who have been supposedly exposed. We feel badly for the spouses and children who are the real casualties.”FancyLine

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