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Divorce Solutions For Healing

divorce solutions for healing

“Therapeutic Touch supports your body’s natural healing ability.”

A guest blog article by: Laurie Bartley, Lifestyle Architect; Health, Wellness & Beauty Consultant

As you go through the separation and divorce process:

  • Are you: unsure, second-guessing your decisions, withdrawing from people and social situations,  feeling disconnected?
  • Do you find yourself easily frustrated, fatigued, overwhelmed?
  • Do you long for easier communication, deeper connection, harmony,  relaxation, and clarity?

Therapeutic Touch is a healing therapy that uses touch or near-touch to guide the flow of energy through your body in a healthful way. Your body can store memories, hurts, fears, and tension. Therapeutic Touch helps restore well being within and amongst your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels.

It can help provide clarity, release tension, and aid sleep and relaxation – just to name a few benefits.

As a Therapeutic Touch practitioner, I honour each person as a whole being, recognizing that physical pain is often a signal of emotional pain or lack. Your body is speaking to you – are you aware of your inner wisdom?

Many people experience ‘anticipatory grief’. Even before the decision to separate is made, we can struggle with decisions around the shifting relationship and how to best move forward.  We expend a lot of energy thinking and rethinking, and sometimes lose sight of what our heart is trying to say.

My background in hospice assists greatly as I am attuned to significant loss and transition, plus the resulting manifestations of grief that commonly arise. Elements include:

  • Lack of sleep and concentration
  • Uncertainty of the future
  • Loneliness
  • Unhealthy eating patterns

Therapeutic Touch seeks to balance, restore, and support the totality of each individual. It is based on a medical model and is used worldwide with various positive outcomes.

divorce solutions using touch therapyAt this most stressful time, allow me to help you learn to move forward and back to a joyous life. It is often difficult to prioritize yourself and your needs. Many of us direct our focus and attention to others, especially our children. So, I encourage you to nurture and replenish yourself. You might find it allows you to be more calm, more present and supportive of others. And children and pets love Therapeutic Touch, too!

My clients have experienced various and lasting healing benefits. I invite you to discover the benefits for yourself. Simply click HERE, fill out the form and I’ll contact you directly.


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