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Vancouver baby becomes first person to have three parents named on birth certificate in B.C.

Abigale Subdhan of the National Post,  February 11, 2014

A Vancouver baby has three parents named on her birth certificate.

…the first under the new BC legislation that allows up to four legal parents. (Correction: it allows up to 5 legal parents, 1) the sperm donor, 2) the egg donor, 3) the surrogate, and 4/5) the two parents.)

baby Della with 3 parents

Della Wolf Kangro Wiley Richards, three months old, became the legal daughter of a lesbian couple and their male friend after finalizing the registration process last week.

They are among the first Canadians to achieve this without using litigation, under British Columbia’s new Family Law Act passed last year.

When they decided to have a child, Anna Richards and wife Danielle Wiley both agreed that they wanted a father figure, rather than an anonymous donor.

baby and parents

“We wanted our kids to know where they came from biologically and actually liked the idea of having an extended family,” Ms. Richards says. “It didn’t threaten us to have another person’s involvement so long as it was the right person.”

Ms. Richards had gone to university with the father, Shawn Kangro, a close friend with whom she had informally joked about having kids together.

“Almost instantly, I knew I was going to be considering it really well,” Mr. Kangro says, adding that he consulted with his mother, sister and friends before making a decision. “It naturally felt very right.”


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