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“The Ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day: Discount Divorce”

Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services “tweets” were recently picked up by a New York City reporter working for Sensationalism sells and that is what Vocativ is all about. Kelowna Divorce’s recent “Valentine’s Day Divorce Special” caught the attention of Versha Sharma, the reporter who wrote the story. The following are the BIG headlines on their front page:

anti-valentine's day divorce special by vocativ

Without talking with the owner and senior family mediator, Wes Stevenson, Ms. Sharma refers to Kelowna Divorce as a “divorce attorney” firm. In fact, we are a family mediation centre located in Kelowna, British Columbia. We’ve been around for 10 years and we’ve helped over 500 hundred couples find a fair solution to their separation plans.

Running a divorce special is nothing new. However, when attached to Valentine’s Day, a negative spin can be attached to it. In this case, the negative publicity which was intended regarding the product has had a positive versus negative effect. Hits to the website and telephone calls have increased five-fold in just 24 hours. So, what seemed to be a negative story created by a sensationalist online rag mag, has helped the small Kelowna-based business.

Kelowna Divorce’s sole purpose in running the Valentine’s Day Divorce Special was to acknowledge those individuals who don’t fall into the romantic category and who are looking for closure to a bad chapter in their lives. After all St. Valentine was also the patron saint of bee keepers, the plague and epilepsy!


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