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Karen Stewart(From Avenue Calgary, Feb 01, 2011)

Karen Stewart says, “DIVORCE THE FAIRWAY”

Changing the Way Divorce Happens” is Fairway’s Trademark Slogan

Karen Stewart of Fairway Divorce Solutions reports in the article that she spent $500,000 in legal bills and 5 years of her life in getting her divorce. It was a tough, long fight in Cowtown with no winners, and they both still bear the scars today. 

No Longer Physically Present in Kelowna

Like Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services, she felt there had to be a better way to divorce, so she started a divorce mediation company that turned into a franchise operation. In February of 2011 she reported in “AvenueCalgary” magazine that she had established 39 franchises across North America. However, today there are no U.S. franchises left and the Canadian numbers have dwindled. While she advertises in Kelowna, she is no longer physically present there. One can view the locations on her website by clicking HERE. In 2016, she lists 8 across Canada.

UPDATE: Fairway Divorce Franchising

Although Karen Stewart saw over 30 of her franchises close in the last few years, she still believes in her model and she is once again actively signing up new franchisees. Perhaps she has revamped the model and it will prove to be successful this time ’round. If you are interested, go to her website and read more:

Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services supports all divorce mediation companies who are making a positive difference in divorcing couples’ lives; companies like The Divorce Company in Edmonton, Alberta, and a local Kelowna company with a physical presence that we support is the Family Mediation Center.  What we all share in common is a desire to reduce the stress, the time and the cost of divorce. There is a better way to divorce and lawyers and litigation are not that answer! Peaceful divorce mediation is the preferred method for an increasing number of  Okanagan couples.

Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services has become the voice and authority for peaceful divorce mediation in the Okanagan valley. Our staff have also experienced the heartache and devastation of divorce and we understand your challenges. Plus, we live and work in the community.


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