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URGENT: Spot the signs – Before someone dies!

family violence kills

Divorce is the most common risk factor in domestic homocide (81%.) Kelowna Divorce Mediation Services supports every effort to stop domestic violence! Please be aware of the signs. We have also compiled a list of Kelowna Family Violence Resources. You can see it by clicking HERE.

cycle of violence

What is family violence? What are the signs? It can be much more than just a fist to the face! Click HERE for help in identifying the warning signs.

“Jocelyn Coupal develops and delivers innovative training and strategies that help individuals, communities and professionals to successfully address domestic violence and significantly reduce or eliminate domestic homicides.”

“She was responsible for designing, establishing and managing the Langley Project, an innovative and cutting edge project that examined the impact of a collaborative best practices approach to the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases.”

We respect and support Jocelyn Coupal and her efforts. YOU can make a difference in  your community. For more information, go to her website by clicking HERE.

Family violence screening is now a requirement of all lawyers and mediators in BC. We applaud this new requirement and we have written an accompanying article about it. Click HERE to access it.


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